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NGK have teamed up with the leaders in automotive online training OVA to deliver manufacturer level technical training designed specifically for the Independent Aftermarket. We think it might just be a game changer...

The workshop today - and tomorrow

As industry leaders, NGK has long been aware of the unrelenting march of technological progress of the automotive industry. And this trend is set to continue. With ongoing developments in vehicle connectivity, further integration of hybrid and electric drivetrains, and the inevitable introduction of autonomous vehicles, our industry is changing like never before.


Keeping abreast of these changes is key for the independent garage. As vehicles with new technologies under the bonnet enter aftermarket workshops, technicians need to be informed and equipped to work efficiently and safely. At the same time it also pays for them to stay current on the servicing requirements of existing engine types too. 

A new approach to technical training

Rather than being primarily theory based, our courses use interactive videos which focus on developing practical skills, knowledge and working practices, which are directly relevant and invaluable to the modern day motor vehicle technician.

Engaging content drives improved knowledge retention

Studies have indicated that the long term effectiveness of one time, face-to-face training is limited, with participants only retaining as little as 30% of the information after a very short time. That's why OVA use cutting edge technology which allows you to interact with the video based media making it memorable and most importantly, you can revisit any module at will, even in the workshop whilst diagnosing a problem on a vehicle.

Maximise productivity - minimise downtime

Workshops rarely operate at 100% productivity so it makes sense to use ‘down time’ to best effect to complete one of our structured learning programmes. Because they are accessed online via a smart phone, they can be stopped and restarted at any time, it's easy to fit them in around the demands of the workshop.

Cost effective, affordable

Whether you are an independent garage owner looking to develop the capabilities of your business, an experienced technician looking to broaden your knowledge and skill, our competitive pricing structures brings state of the art training within reach of every business.


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